About Us

Eclectik Vision is a creative media entertainment company, focusing on the production, financing and distribution of film and television properties.


In forming Eclectik Vision, the driving motivation for founding producers Brett Thornquest and Steven Matusko, were a dedication to build upon their extensive production and advisory and financing experience and relationships formed and collaborate with creatives around the world with a shared vision to co-develop, finance and produce outstanding and diverse media properties for the world markets.


Eclectik Vision can provide the creative and financial capital needed to produce and distribute quality film and television properties.


Since its inception, Eclectic Vision has begun collaborating with a diverse range of writers, directors and producers on both their own initiated properties and also those created by ourselves.


Eclectik Vision takes on the principles of eclecticism; a conceptual

approach that derives ideas, style, and taste from a broad and diverse

range of sources and the ability to interpret and collaborate with

people in a creative way.


We have offices in Australia and the USA with global relationships and additional creative joint ventures.






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